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Is it good to use ordinary wires for decoration or flame retardant wires?

Is it good to use ordinary wires for decoration or flame retardant wires?

Buying wires, how to quickly and accurately choose the best quality, price-constrained wire, is the skill that every user who wants to buy their own wire must master. Is it good to use ordinary wires for decoration or flame retardant wires? This really asked a lot of people. Let me edit Xiaobian now to explain it to everyone.
First, the difference between ordinary wire and flame-retardant wire: the difference between ordinary insulated wire and flame-retardant wire is that the flame-retardant wire has passed the flame-retardant test or certification, while the ordinary cable does not. Most ordinary insulated wires and flame-retardant wires do not differ significantly in appearance, but domestic flame-retardant wires will have the ZR lettering on the printed content. Foreign standards such as UL are printed with VW-1 or CMP, CMR and other words depending on the flame retardant level. Flame-retardant cable refers to the cable that is burned under the specified test conditions. After the test fire source is removed, the flame spreads only within the limited range, and the residual flame or residual burn can be extinguished by itself within a limited time. The fundamental characteristic is that it may be burnt out in the event of a fire and cannot operate, but it can prevent the spread of fire. In layman's terms, in the event of a fire, the wires can be confined to a local extent without spreading, and other equipment can be saved to avoid further losses.
Second, the electrician master: decoration selection of wires, performance quality is very important Xiaobian ask senior hydropower master, on the choice of home decoration wire, Wang Gong said that nowadays household appliances are generally more, almost every household has air conditioning, water heaters, etc. Power appliances, so the owner of the decoration in the selection of wires, must not be cheap, to choose the quality, otherwise the wire installation project is a concealed project, once the problem occurs in the later period, it is very difficult to repair.
After Xiaobian listened, I felt very reasonable. I also asked Wang Gong how to buy electric wires for home decoration. Wang Gong told Xiaobian that he had to choose the line diameter. Xiaobian said that he did not know how to check the wire diameter. Wang Gong also taught Xiaobian. One trick, different brands, the same length, the same size of the wire, the heaviest wire diameter is sure to reach the standard. Said to pick up the Fushe flame-retardant wire that is being used, tell Xiaobian: "This 2.5-inch wire, the diameter of the domestic common brand wire is generally about 1.73 mm, and the diameter of the flame-retardant wire can reach 1.78 mm, so This coil of wire weighs about 300g more than other brands of the same specification wire, avoiding the safety hazard caused by excessive power consumption.
Third, the owner: home improvement cable, I want flame-retardant wire and chat with Wang Gong, suddenly someone came to the site, the original owner of the house. After the owner knows the identity of Xiaobian, he puts down the guard and says: "There have been renovations to the electrician in recent days. I went to the construction site every day to see the home decoration, the wire is too important, the wire selection is wrong, or the wiring is incorrect. In the later stage, it may cause big problems. In the future, we will buy high-power electric appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, microwave ovens, etc., so when decorating, the wire will never be sloppy.” Xiaobian asked why the owner chose Fushe flame-retardant wire. "I mainly look at its safety, the wire is all flame retardant, 100% wire diameter is up to standard, can withstand the inspection of the quality inspection department, such a wire, I use the rest assured. Even if there is a short circuit in my home, etc. It also does not attract major hazards such as fires. When selecting wires, it is necessary to choose flame-retardant wires," the owner said.
Fourth, the dealer: the wire is to let the owner rest assured that after the communication with the owner, Xiao Bian is preparing to go out to the unit, and saw a person came to the site, the original sales manager of Wo Nuclear Materials Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu said that in addition to selling electric wires, in the case of free time, he also took time to look at the decoration site to see if there was any problem in the construction of the wires he sold, so that his heart was more practical.
At the same time, Xiao Bian also saw with his own eyes that the flame retardancy of Fushe Wire is well-deserved. At the construction site, Mr. Liu picked up the remaining line of the electrician's master, used a lighter to directly burn the surface of the Fushe wire, and then removed the lighter from the fire source. In less than a second, the fire of the wire insulator was extinguished. Xiaobian opened his eyes and said “magic!”, Mr. Liu said that this is because the layer of insulator wrapped around the wire contains flame retardant, even if the wire is short-circuited, it will not cause the wire to burn. “In the home decoration, the electric wire is a concealed project. If it is damaged, it is very troublesome to repair. Every coil of the flame-retardant wire of Fushe Wire has to undergo strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, and it is put on the market. At the same time, each volume There are signs on the packaging of Fushe flame-retardant wires. We make the wires safe for the owners and use them with confidence, so that they can afford their conscience." Mr. Liu said.
5. Types of wire purchase: The two main types of wire in home improvement wire are BV and BVR wires. At present, the range of BV wire in home decoration is more than that of BVR cable. Soft and hard, BV line hardness is greater than BVR line, BV wire is used in fixed, buried environment, such as the dark line layout in daily home decoration. The advantages of BVR wire are mostly used in active power places and temporary power places, and it is more convenient to move. You can choose according to your needs.
6. Flame-retardant wire application: Flame-retardant wire refers to the sample being burnt under the specified test conditions. After the test fire source is removed, the flame spread is only within the limited range, and the residual flame or residual burning can be within a limited time. Extinguish the wires yourself. More and more developed countries have introduced mandatory standards: large public buildings must use flame-retardant wires. Flame-retardant cables are also used in China's new Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Terminal and Shanghai Jinmao Tower. In terms of home decoration, the flame-retardant wire can fully meet the safety requirements of household electricity.
Seven, home improvement wiring common sense: home improvement wire according to the cross-sectional area is generally divided into 1.5 square, 2.5 square, 4 square, 6 square and 10 square, the corresponding use of each wire is also different. 1.5 square wire is mainly used for lighting purposes, 2.5 square wire is mainly used for socket, switch and hanging air conditioner, 4 square wire is mainly used for water heater and vertical air conditioner, 6 square wire is mainly used for home bus and Central air-conditioning, but with the increase of household appliances, the power has also increased a lot. In order to improve the stability of the wire, it is recommended to use 10 square wires for the home bus.
Eight, wire market: flame retardant expensive non-flame retardant wire 50%. Flame-retardant wire is to increase the insulation performance. When a short circuit or fire occurs, the plastic skin of the wire will not burn and encourage the fire. The price is about 50% higher than the ordinary wire. Usually, the wires used in household appliances are 2.5 square lines, while high-power appliances such as fast electric water heaters need to install at least 4 square lines.
The flame-retardant wire products are mainly based on the principle of halogen-containing flame retardant. When the wire is burned in the fire, a large amount of smoke and corrosive halides are released, which is likely to cause "secondary disasters".
Nowadays, many manufacturers' flame-retardant wires are low-smoke, low-halogen, low-smoke and halogen-free products. These wires emit less smoke when fired, and emit less toxic gases, which can reduce the secondary damage to the crowd in the fire.