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YOS63 Hotshrinkage Shielding Soldering Ring

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YOS63 Hotshrinkage Shielding Soldering Ring

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YOS63 Hotshrinkage Shielding Soldering Ring
Product Introduction:
Combined by high temperature PVDF shrinkable sleeve and preassembled earthing conductor, the solder terminal is specially used for shielding and insulating high temperature electric wires and cables with tinplated or silver plated terminal, and meets requirements of SAE-AS83519/2 and VG95343-101.
Performance Characteristics: Integrated structural design reduces welding requirements on workers;
Transparent shrinkable tube ensures the continuity of insulating layer and plays a role of stress relieving;
Accurately mixed soldering tin and soldering flux ensure cleaning of welding spot and welding reliability;
Melting of fusible seal ring ensures the tightness of two ends of welding spot;
Optional preassembled outgoing line can be used for outputting shielding signal.
Key Indexes: Working Temperature: -55 ℃~150℃;
Product Certification: MIL-S-83519/2 VG95343-101;
Outgoing Line Certification: MIL-W-22759/32-GA-C
Technical Indexes:
Characteristics, Test Method, Test Method, Index Requirement, Typical Value
Physical Properties, Working Temperature, UL224 -55℃~155℃ -55℃~155℃
Complete Shrinkage Temperature: UL224 183℃ 183℃
Tensile Strength: NAS1745 4.5N or more than outgoing line, pass
Corrosion Resistance: (35℃*96h);
5% of NACI NAS1745 maximum voltage drop 2.5MV ≤2.2MV
Bronze Disease: 121℃*16h NAS1745, anticorrosion, pass
Chemical Properties, Fire Retardance: UL224, maximum, self extinguishment in 5S, pass
Liquid Resistance: (after 25℃*24h soaking) NAS1745, insulating strength minimum 20KV/MM ≥25KV/MM
Electrical Properties, Insulating Strength, ASTM D2671, minimum 30KV/MM ≥32KV/MM
Voltage Drop: NAS1745 ≤2MV, pass
Vibration Resistance: NAS1745, 70 to 2000HZ in 0.06″DA or 15G rush hours (1 hour in each direction), maximum voltage drop: 2.5MV, pass
Ageing Strength (-65℃~155℃), five cycle circulations, NAS1745 NAS1745, voltage drop ≤2.5MV, pass
Product Specification:
Identification of Product:
Corresponding Model:
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